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Yes folks, the time has come for me to make this a friends only journal. Nothing personal, it just had to happen.

I suppose some time should be taken now to explain who I am now, since those who most likely will see this will be, in fact, unaware of who I am:

My name is Scott...which looks kind of weird when I write it online...Personally, since I can remember I've gone as Kenji online...Heck, I've even gone so far, and probably will again, as to sign entries with Kenji or Ken. Its more my name then my real name is.
Anyways, I suppose you're asking, 'Why Kenji?"
Well my friend, I'll tell you:
I'm not really sure. It’s started out as a dream...well I had a dream and that dream became a story. This story became a book and then three books...well...once I write them they will be...Anyways, the point being: I had picked the name Kenji for the protagonist in this book. He was a normal guy, who, because of his love for a Goddess, becomes a God...
Time to explain that one as well...The story takes a rather different approach to religion...rather, it doesn’t really touch it...In my book, heaven was a plane of existence above the mortal one, and in it, mortals lived another life, unaware they were in what those on the mortal plane considered heaven. On another plane slightly separated from "heaven" lived the Gods, who had separated themselves from mortals in the belief that they were superior. However, this form of species-ism, made them look down on mortals and so made sure that they would live in heaven in the most primitive state, sending a god to train others to destroy heaven's technological existence one they progressed too far...So in this story gods are not powerful ultra-beings, but just powerful beings that believed themselves superior because they were not primitive and violent mortals...
Kenji was a mortal, who was called to heaven to stop rebels against the gods, and instead fell in love with a goddess, and became a god, in order to be with her. However, he incites animosity from most the god community because of his mortal blood, as well as his love for the goddess...

Now: This novel is my piece de resistance or at least will be once I write it all...and somewhere along the line, Kenji came to represent all that I wanted to be, a sort of self-made hero, and so I started to use his name to represent me online...partly because I wanted a heroic alias, and because I started to become attached to the name...After a while, it just stuck...Now, I’m not saying I'm god-like, or even anything LIKE Kenji, but I have had the name since...

Besides, since the character is a mortal-turned-god it kind of gives me a nice air of mystery...or makes me sound Japanese...

But I do have a nice flair for the dramatic...or would like to think so...I may seem melodramatic but I think that’s just because it makes life more fun if you are the hero of the story of your life...

Anyways, I should wrap this I said before this is now friends only, but strangers are often friends you don’t know yet, so just comment and Ill add you...

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Hey... I don't know if I count as a friend because we haven't talked in forever, but I do like to read your site once in a blue moon. You seem to have the greatest things to say. So now I am sad. Ish.


Of course you are a friend!!! Now you just have to update your LJ more often
PS: I added you.

Hey you know Steve and Marlene.
And I wanted to add you because
Steve says you are a pretty cool
kid. And I wish I could read as
much as you say you do lol. :P

haha a friend of Steve and Merlene is a friend of mine! Done and done! Welcome

Haha and that was me...I forgot to sign myself in...I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached

(Deleted comment)
Haha, thanks! Nothing that interesting really...I don't think? I actually have not looked at it for a while...
Anyways, you're added so you can read my semi-quasi-mayhaps-interesting posts which I rarely update ^_^

Hi Scott,

How is your school year going so far? Anything exciting and crazy happeneing over there on the arts side of the campus?

Whenever Yvonne comes to visit next we should all hang out, and maybe take a trip to the bulk barn.


(sorry if you don't know who I am)

BONJOUR. Dear god, I don't know if you even check this anymore or if you're still at York or what, BUT, I am most certainly at York (first year) and I have found you on the interwebs. You do not know me. But we have some similar interests and you... you seem quite cool, so if you wish, ljfriends?
This doesn't sound creepy at all.

Oh man! I just got wireless internets today so finally got this! For sure I'll add ya, and maybe I'll even update soonish XP

Hurrah!! I will add you now! I wasn't sure if you were even existing on le LJ anymore. Good to know you!

Sweeeeeet. You seem really cool, I must admit, I checked out your profile and such and you seem like someone who would be my friend. XD Totally add me on msn if you'd like as well. It's my LJ SN

I'll add you on msn next time I'm on. Yaaaay, friends! I am glad! My sn is kyo_no_to@hotmail bla bla bla, so if you get on before me, do add.

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