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Rise up and take the power back; it's time that the fat cats had a heart attack

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Note to self:
Do NOT post angry comments while drunk. Especially when there is already enough drama. And don't be two hours late for going to work again...

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add me fool! (even though i dont update this thing anymore. XD)

Am I just going nuts or did you erase a ton of posts?

Not that I'm aware you mean recent ones? or ones from before 2006...Cause I archived my old ones on my hard drive and deleted them, but if you mean new ones, then I dunno...They are friends only, but I'd hope it considers you a friend! XD Let me know, kay?

Well it seems to be working now but when I logged on this morning there was only like 3 posts up and this being the latest... dunno maybe LJ was just being weird. I don't know, but what I do know is that I need to get myself a Digital Camera soon so I can get a couple real pics of me.


neat userinfo man, thats pretty nicely done.

i got linked to it from the girl who commented on the yorku community, im not stalking you so no worries.


hahaha s'cool. It's expected that people would check my profile out when posting on a community. And I like new friends, so I don't mind at all. XD
(First step to internet popularity: Get known. Not that I am aiming for that per say XP)

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