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Hurra - wir leben noch
If your body matches what your eyes can do...

wow, I totally was writing this entry in my head and was surprised it wasn't on the screen.

For some reason love is more...lovely when I have no one I love.
I don't even have a mental list of potentials like I used to always.
And yet instead of being depressed by love songs or such, I find them so wonderful and romantic. I suppose it is the thought of potential, not tying a song's lyrics to the faults of a real person.
Or maybe I too have become too bored of being cynical.
I suppose that is a good result of everything that has happened the last two years. I have become really happy being single. I don't NEED to be with anyone in order to be happy. Which also means I will be happier with the people I DO end up dating for I'm not just jumping on the first opportunity. heeheehee
I lie.
I do love people. Many. Maybe that is even better. No longer limiting love to romance.


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