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Rise up and take the power back; it's time that the fat cats had a heart attack

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She seems dressed in all the rings of past fatalities
I've been meaning to say something about this, but once you recognize it as something to say, then you doom it to be of more substance.


Unless something drastic happens.

I have had no luck with the 'rents for a loan, and even if I got the money now, I have been dropped from honors so have no classes I can take.
Unless I find someone I am willing to marry, or someone offers a degreeless guy a job and a work visa, I must leave. By July 31st.
To New Hampshire if I am lucky. To Colorado if I have no other option.

I have taken the idea of desire as the root of suffering to heart. In all areas of my life, I lack desire, and so I have lacked suffering. The only thing I have desired is to stay in Canada, and have been fighting tooth and nail to stay. And I have been suffering for it..
I must either accept that I cannot stay here and perhaps it's not my place, and let the desire go, or take the only thing I desire at the moment and do everything I can to get it.

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ACK that's balllllllls. (wade told me earlier or I'd be freaking out more)
Did you ever go talk to immigration like you were going to earlier? Still do that for sure, if you haven't, just in case. And even if you have been dropped from honours can't you still take classes? I don't know... T_T
Can you ask Chapters to apply for a work permit again?

You're a Canadian whether its down on paper or not. This is your home. You exemplify all of the personality characteristics that make Canadians proud to be citizens.

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